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    December 12, 2009


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    mitchell porter

    I almost sent my number out on the CCNQ list as the person to contact if a skeptic showed up. I guess I should have done so!

    pendant lighting

    I love reading your blog


    thank you so much!


    ok I swear I simply forget that you have a blog. But I wish more of my friends had them, I love reading non-conversational writing by my friends hey (and maybe if I wish my other friends had them, does that mean I MYSELF should have one? hmmm).

    anyway! I liked this post Anna, I haven't yelled at anyone before but I know that we all have it in us especially with the right button being pushed when we slightly lose a bit of composure, like turning into the Hulk out of nowhere and then we quickly revolve back into the simple human bruce banner and realise how we've behaved. dang.

    well you've yelled at someone in public, that's a tick that I think it 'kinda' cool to have in your life checklist book. (that contains other less-noble things like having a car accident, getting legless, being jealous etc. Cause it means you're human I guess. So hooray for partaking human stuff at least once, I guess we learn from it.

    and crap! Australia is an island right? does that mean it's sinking and I should move inland?!


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