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    December 31, 2007


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    Taylor Foster

    I agree with pretty much everything here regarding public transport usage. Though I don't care much for cars either, so that helps.

    Something else to add about stress and public transport: Catching public transport can, if you let it, help you distance yourself from that hectic, rushing, stressful mindset that so many people seem to be in these days.

    In some circumstances it is understandable (childbirth, natural disaster, house fire, etc), but generally running a red or running across the street in front of speeding cars isn't worth the 10-20 seconds it will save you, and yet more and more people seem to be doing it automatically without thinking. So use public transport to slow down and relax a bit each day!.

    (Also, for those people suffering in the heat/humidity, air-conditioning on public transport costs you nothing and is almost always on!)

    Hope you keep up your weekly 'things' and enjoy your holiday :)


    Sorry for my lack of replies Taylor, but thanks for the comment! I am back in Brisbane and totally loving the transport again (though the metro systems in Paris and London are amazing, I do miss that convenience), and Brisbane in general. So green, so warm! Hope everything is great with you, and hope to see you on a bus sometime!

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